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Influencer Marketing Campaign (FREE T-Shirt)

Updated: May 20, 2020

Melesia Robinson is seeking influencers to collaborate with. Once a month we will select one fashion blogger or influencer to collaborator with. All we ask is for you to post pictures wearing Melesia Robinson's garment on your website, blog, Instagram or YouTube channel. You can then keep the garment for your very own! Time to get creative! To request a T-shirt to make all your friends jealous, please look over the guidelines and email us.

Campaign Name: Melesia Robinson

Campaign Hashtag: #MelesiaRobinson

Campaign Goal: Marketing campaign that draws attention to Melesia Robinson. Influencers to encourage their followers to follow the brand.

Campaign Message:

Be creative with the post. It should be informative, fun, sexy, fashionable, etc.

Key Objectives:

Engagement, link clicks


Instagram, Blog, Facebook, Stories, Vlog

Deliverables & Timeline:

A total of two posts are required. One blog post and two static photos or videos, or a combination of one feed post and one story post.

Target Audience:

Lifestyle, Beauty, & Fashion

Budget & Payments:

This is a Paid-in Kind Campaign ONLY

Campaign Reporting Requirements:

# of engagements, views, link clicks

Deliverable description:

Post and tag us on social media platforms.

After filling out our questionnaire with your tee sizes and shipping address you'll be assigned a unique discount code and we will ship you a new graphic tee. We ask that you do the following:

Post must be within 7 days of receiving your tee.

1. Post a photo or video wearing tee.

2. You and the tee design must be clearly visible in the photo

3. Tag @melesiarobinson in the photo and the caption

5. Use the following hashtags in the caption: #melesiarobinson

Website Url:


Point of Contact:


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