Don't Let These Slip: Model Casting Call Etiquette

Here's a list of dos and don'ts that models should be aware of when attending a casting call for a fashion show:


  1. Professional Appearance: Most casting calls require the models to wear black. If no dress code has been identified. Dress in a polished and stylish manner that showcases your personal style but doesn't overshadow the designer's vision. Wear clothes that highlight your body type and features.

  2. Portfolio: Bring a well-organized portfolio with your best modeling shots and previous work. This will give the casting directors a clear idea of your versatility and experience.

  3. Minimal Makeup: Keep your makeup simple and natural, allowing the casting team to see your features. If you have any distinctive features (like freckles or unique eye color), don't hide them.

  4. Confidence: Walk and pose confidently. Good posture and self-assurance can make a strong impression. Confidence is a key trait in the modeling industry.

  5. Politeness: Greet the casting team and fellow models with a smile and a friendly attitude. Be polite and respectful to everyone you interact with, from the casting director to the staff.

  6. Follow Directions: Listen carefully to any instructions provided by the casting team. They may ask you to walk, pose, or demonstrate specific actions. Follow their directions closely.

  7. Preparation: Research the fashion show and the designer's style beforehand. This knowledge will help you tailor your presentation to match the aesthetic of the show.

  8. Be on Time: Arrive at the casting call on time. Punctuality demonstrates your commitment and professionalism.

  9. Confidentiality: If the casting call involves showcasing designs that haven't been revealed yet, respect the confidentiality of the event and the designs.


  1. Overwhelming Makeup: Avoid heavy or elaborate makeup that hides your natural features. Casting directors want to see your potential as a canvas for their creative vision.

  2. Inappropriate Attire: Don't wear overly revealing or distracting clothing. Your outfit should complement your appearance without taking attention away from your modeling potential.

  3. Arrogance: While confidence is important, avoid coming across as overly arrogant or entitled. Humility and professionalism are highly valued in the industry.

  4. Exaggerated Poses: While showcasing your posing skills is important, avoid overly dramatic or exaggerated poses that don't align with the designer's aesthetic.

  5. Disrespectful Behavior: Treat everyone you interact with, including fellow models, casting directors, and staff, with respect. Rudeness or diva behavior can harm your chances.

  6. Ignoring Instructions: Always follow the directions provided by the casting team. Ignoring their instructions can give the impression that you're not easy to work with.

  7. Lack of Preparation: Not knowing about the designer, their brand, or the fashion show's theme can make you seem uninterested and unprepared.

  8. Gossiping: Avoid engaging in negative conversations or gossip about other models or industry professionals. Maintain a positive and professional demeanor.

Remember, casting calls are not only about your appearance but also about your attitude, professionalism, and how well you can adapt to the designer's vision. By following these dos and don'ts, you'll increase your chances of making a positive and lasting impression

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