The journey through 2021 commenced with incredible moments, only to be overshadowed by the somber hue of loss when my father departed. Every recollection stirs emotions, realizing the inability to exchange messages, make calls, or surprise him at his restaurant, as I often did. The strain on our relationship in 2019, marked by our longest period of silence, still echoes. His absence remains a process I navigate daily.

Amidst the shadows, this year became a genesis of embracing my authenticity. I cultivated the strength to assert my boundaries and release elements detrimental to my mental well-being. Previously, my style was an amalgamation of pieces for specific occasions; however, this collection signifies a transformative step. It symbolizes my capacity for more, transcending the limits of my previous presentations.

In this venture, my aspiration is to elevate my craft. The collection epitomizes refinement and elegance, embodying a commitment to showcase the untapped depths of my creative prowess

Why the name? 

The color Black is often portrayed or associated with negative things, but for me it was a period of rebirth. It's the new fire burning within.

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