Fashion entrepreneur and founder of the Melesia Robinson brand, Melesia Robinson, continues to battle the passing of her dad and owner of Jaggie’s Jamaica Restaurant, Melbert Jaggie Robinson


It is not the best of days for talented fashion designer and entrepreneur, Melesia Robinson, following the passing of her dad, Melbert Jaggie Robinson. The owner and founder of Jaggie’s Jamaica restaurant in Philadephia, PA passed away on July 15, 2021, while vacationing in his country, Jamaica, as Melesia continues to battle the unfortunate incident.

Death is popularly described as an inevitable occurrence that will hit everyone, irrespective of age, gender, or race. However, losing an individual can be devastating, to say the least, as friends and family try to imagine life without their loved one. This is the case of Melesia Robinson and the friends as well as relatives of her now late dad, Melbert Jaggie Robinson.

Described as a loving dad and family man, Melbert Jaggie Robinson before his death, was the owner of the popular Philadelphia-based Jaggie’s Jamaica Restaurant located at 6220 Lansdowne Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19151-3811. The passionate Jamaican treated his customers and all categories of food lovers to an amazing Jamaican eating experience, bringing the authentic Caribbean feeling to diners.

Melbert was known for his warmth and “approachability,” features that endeared him to people from different quarters, regardless of age group or gender. He was more than a father, as he literally mentored Melesia Robinson on her way to becoming a fashion entrepreneur, supporting her all the way and dedicating his resources to ensure her success.

Melesia Robinson is consequently expected to gravely miss her dad, friend, and mentor as she continues to mourn his passing.

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About Melesia Robinson

Melesia Robinson is a fashion entrepreneur and the founder of the Melesia Robinson brand. The veteran-owned business offers an amazing collection of “out of this world” pieces from gowns to t-shirts and dresses.

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